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Linn County Cost Share Program

Linn County Voucher Program for Cost-Share Chemicals

K.S.A. 2-1333

  1. The county weed director will issue triplicate vouchers to landowner or applicator before the chemicals are purchased from the retailers. Vouchers must be signed by the landowner or applicator before they are valid. The County will keep the white copy of the voucher.
  2. The landowner or applicator will take the voucher to a retailer and use it to obtain a discount on the chemicals described on the voucher that he is purchasing. The retailer will keep the yellow copy of the voucher.
  3. The retailer must sign the yellow copy of the voucher in order to be paid.
  4. The retailer will write up an invoice showing the credit amount of the voucher. 
  5. The retailer will send the yellow copy of the voucher and a copy of the invoice to costshare@linncountyks.com or mail to Noxious Weed Department, 306 Main Street, Mound City, KS 66056.
  6. The vouchers and invoices will be turned over to the Board of County Commissioners for approval, and the dollar amount on the voucher will be paid back to the retailer. Checks will be mailed to the retailers at the County’s next regular payables cycle.

If the landowner or applicator does not use official control methods in applying the chemicals, or he applies the cost share (voucher) chemical to a non-noxious weed, the Board of County Commissioners may refuse to pay the voucher and the total cost will be paid by the landowner.

List of Approved Chemical Retailers

  1. Beachner Grain, LaCygne or Mound City
  2. Mound City Ag
  3. Ag Choice, Blue Mound
  4. Stonypoint Seed, Fontana
  5. Simplot Grower Solutions, Wellsville

If the purchaser wishes to use a voucher issued by Linn County at a retailer other than those listed above, the retailer must call the Public Works office at 913-795-2229 before the purchase is made. If the retailer is not able to call the Public Works office, the County has the right to refuse to pay the voucher.

Cost Share Price List for 2023

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