County Commissioners

Rick James – District 1
Danny McCullough – District 2
Jim Johnson – District 3

315 Main St., Box 350
Mound City, Kansas 66056

Regular meetings are held at 9:00am each Monday in the Courthouse Annex, 306 Main St., Mound City, Kansas.

Commissioners do not have regular office hours.

New Commission District Boundaries

Kansas Statutes require the Commission to review Commission District boundaries in an attempt to keep the population of districts “as compact and equal in population as possible….” Consequently the County Commission has changed the boundaries of all three Commission Districts.

The changes moved Valley Precinct (township) from District #1 to District #2, and Stanton Precinct (township) from District #3 to District #2.

Voting Precincts within each Commission District are as follows:

  • District #1 – North Lincoln, South Lincoln, and Scott
  • District #2 – Valley, Paris, North Potosi, South Potosi, Sheridan, and Stanton
  • District #3 – Mound City, Blue Mound, Centerville, and Liberty