2020 Election Information

The Candidate Filing Deadline was June 1 at NOON.

Offices up for Election in 2020 and Candidates filed can be found by clicking on the link below.

CLICK HERE for 2020 Local Candidates & Open Positions

Information on the Kansas Primary

A Primary Election is held for a political party to nominate its candidates for the offices to be filled at the next General Election. Kansas operates a closed primary system in which only voters who have affiliated with the given political party may vote in that party’s primary and runoff primary elections.

DEADLINE TO CHANGE PARTY AFFILIATIONK.S.A. 25-3304(b) is the applicable law concerning changing party affiliation. It states “Any person, who, having declared a party or voter affiliation, desires to change the same, may file a written declaration with the county election officer, stating the change of party or voter affiliation. Such declaration cannot be filed during the time from the candidate filing deadline, as prescribed in K.S.A. 25-205, 25-305 and 25-4004, and amendments thereto, through the time when the primary election results are certified by the secretary of state.”

Unaffiliated or Independent Voters Registered 21 days before the election may choose to affiliate with a party on election day at the polling place.